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Side Hustle: A Tesla Model X That Pays For Itself – Part 1

    The plan: Get a brand new $125,000 Tesla Model X to pay for itself.  The Model X will be rented out via carsharing services Turo and Getaround most days and weekends. Leveraging the diminishing returns of luxury, I’ll allow

A Nifty Calculator Shows the Benefit of Investing Over Early Student Loan Payoff

In my first post, I addressed some good reasons to prefer liquidity over aggressive student loan debt repayment. But, you might be wondering, how much should I allocate towards student loans versus investment accounts.  Well, here’s a nifty calculator to

Why You Shouldn’t Pay Off Your Student Loans

I’m a firm believer that money greatly affects your well-being. Your financial life is your life. Some say money can’t buy you happiness, but by breaking your consumerist spending habits, you’ll see that building wealth will give you freedom from work, more time with